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This tire is an original equipment tire, but it can still be ordered or used for other vehicle brands
EAGLE F1 (ASYMMETRIC) 3245/45R18 100Y EAG F1 ASY 3 * XL FP
 Electric Vehicle Ready   548817

This ultra high performance tyre is specifically designed to offer a shorter braking distance, no matter what road conditions you encounter. This lets you stay comfortably in control, so you can relax and enjoy every single journey.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 is a high-performance summer tire that fits perfectly on mid-range and higher-end cars. The tire is characterized by its excellent braking performance and good handling characteristics. It ensures that you always have optimal control; both on wet and dry roads.

  • Reduced braking distance on both wet and dry roads
  • Improved tyre grip and responsiveness, for better control and handling
  • Employed by leading car manufacturers

  • 548817
  • Summer
  • 100
  • 5452000818027
  • Y <= 300 KM/H
  • FP Rim Protection

    XL Extra Load
    Electric Vehicle Ready
    TL Tubeless type
  • 10.18 KG
  • 112.531 CDM

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Durability and precision steering

Goodyear's new Reinforced Construction Technology results in a tyre that's lighter and stronger. This means you'll benefit from better fuel efficiency, improved tread wear and smoother handling around corners.

Enhanced grip

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 tyre features the new Grip Booster compound, which is made with a sticky, adhesive resin to increase your vehicle's grip on road surfaces. This design provides the best braking and handling experience, so you can feel confident in any road conditions.

Shorter braking distance

Active Braking Technology makes your tyre react when you brake, automatically increasing the surface area in contact with the road to improve the grip. The benefit? A shorter braking distance on both wet and dry surfaces, for improved safety and comfort on the road.


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